Welcome on Dark Energy Lounge

The Main goal of this site, is to help the users of the synthesizer, Dark Energy from Doepfer, to share their presets. It's free and depends on everyone's goodwill.

Don't whine because there are only a few presets. Help the site by posting yours...

The way this site works is quite simple. People who want to share their Dark Energy presets,use the "Upload a Patch" section, to send their files to me. Then I publish them on the site, for everyone to use them.

Everything is handmade. And I've got a life outside this site. So expect some delay between the reception of your patch and its publication online.

If anyone who can program in Flash or PHP wants to help he(or she) is welcome. Every idea, advise, criticism and so on are also welcome

Don't forget, this site will be what we will make of it...